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random boring philosophers but its a e s t h e t i c

The German-American philosopher Marcuse had one of the most interesting takes on the philosophy of technology. He described technology as both a means of enduring and transcending the negative aspects of capitalism. As no one is able to escape technology, Marcuse argued that we have to embrace it and use it ourselves to be able to liberate ourselves with it.

               Technology is used for mass production and mass consumption, but this does not mean that technology itself is the problem. It is specifically designed to suit capitalism. “You’re free to chose which colour is your car as long as its black” Henry Ford.

             The technological usage for capitalism creates an abundance of “choices” which amount to the same thing. It is fake competition with fake needs. Marcuse advocates for a new sensibility. We need real freedom which we can realize if we understand what our actual needs are and what not. Yeet.